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Our clients


"H&H Consulting is a reliable partner because of a complex range of offered services,wich will bring a plus of quality to your activity.H&H Consulting offers flexiblity ,stability and responsible solutions who are designed to answer to the needs of any partner in a period of continuous change where accomodation to date is vital for the future of any business."

(Nicoleta Dancanet, Human Resources Manager,Faurecia ,Talmaciu)

"H&H Consulting has always honored it's partnership and the assumed responsabilities,fact which convinced us of the experience and professionalism of the staff.This is way we state that H&H Consulting is a pofessional associate,competent and reliable for any company and we appreciate its quality services who favorably differentiates it from its competitors."


(Bianca Buta,Human Resources Manager , Marquardt Sibiu)

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