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Our clients


   Outplacement is a relatively on the Romanian market and its main objective is to assist people affected by redundancy in the transition to a new job
    Our outplacement services are aimed at top management levels, through personalized programmes, but also at the others hierarchical levels, through collective or individualized programmes.
     The personalized programmes for top management levels consist in coaching for the continuous development of a management career.
     Collective or individualized programmes consist in following certain steps:

     1. Initial evaluation of the skills and identifying the compatibility with different types of jobs. The evaluation is done by using Thomas and Cognitrom Assessment System and face-to-face interviews. The objective is to plan the career of each person and to direct them towards the most suitable jobs.
     2. Counselling the participants, which involves:
          • Preparing them for the search of a new job: preparing the CV and the application letter
          • Actively searching for a new job: assisting participants to identify potential employers in the targeted fields, facilitating their access to different databases, applying for vacant positions, cuatifying the results
          • Training participants through:
               - Workshops and simulations on attending an interview, negotiating the salary and the employment contract.
               - Development of general skills, in order to increase their chances of finding a job in the field they desire
               - Directing them towards training  providers and/or retraining (e.g. accounting course,security guard course, secretary,
               - Guidance and information on the possibility of opening their own business

     In the end, the beneficiary company will be able to cuantify the programme’s outcomes by the percentage of former employees who could find a new job.
     Using outplacement services has the following advantages:
          • increasing the loyalty of the employees who remain in the company
          • reducing the employees’ stress
          • strengthening the company’s brand

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