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Our clients

Professional Consulting Services

     We place at the disposal of our customers the experience we have gained in time in the human resources field and we assume the role of a discussion and analysis partner in personnel evaluation programmes, in improving the HR processes and procedures and in organisational development projects. 

     We get involved in four different consulting areas:

     1. Assessment Centres 
     Differing according to the targeted objectives and to the evaluated persons, the assessment centres can consist in:
     • The usage of instruments that measure:
          - Cognitive abilities, personality, emotions 
          - Professional interests
          - Management skills
          - Sales skills  
          - The person’s compatibility with the job
     • Structured interviews 
     • Exercises and simulations

     The assessment centres are the basis for personalized programmes for personal and professional development.
     2. Human Resources Consulting
We assist our customers in improving their HR processes (job descriptions, rules, procedures, etc.).
     3. Facilitating Strategy Meetings
We get involved as mediators in structured meetings, where we guide the participants through a sequence of predefinite stages, in order to achieve results that are created, understood and accepted by all participants.

     4. Organisational Development and Change
     The intervention areas for our development and change programmes are:
• Employees’ satisfaction
• Team work
• Coordination among departments
• Quality of services provided to customers
• External adaptability of the company

     We follow certain steps in our organisational development programmes:
• Identifying the objectives and the intervention area of the programme
• Choosing the most appropriate instruments according to the established objectives 
• Evaluating the current situation 
• Identifying the factors that determine the current situation
• Setting development objectives and preparing an action plan

     What instruments do we use?

     Human Synergistics – is the world leader in the research and publishing of psychometric instruments for measuring and leading organisational cultures. Present in 13 countries, Human Synergistics has a database of international practice of more than 10,000 organisations and of over 2 million people.

     Thomas International – is an international supplier of evaluation instruments, used by organisations to recruit, develop and retain their staff. The system is used in 45 countries and is available in 24 languages. All over the world, more than 50,000 people are evaluated with this system monthly.

     Cognitrom Assessment System – is the most complex batery of psychological tests that exists on the Romanian market (32 tests), including tests for evaluating cognitive abilities, personality inventories, professional interests inventory and emotions scales.


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