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Our clients

Ruxandra Hanea

     I founded H&H Consulting in 2001, in response to the need of professional services in the human resources field. At present, H&H Consulting is one of the most powerful consulting companies in Transylvania. Our team has achieved this through innovative, practical and results-oriented solutions to our customers’ needs.
     I have built the H&H Consulting team by taking into account each member’s personality, competencies and willingness to develop. That’s why supporting the development of our consultants in the fields they were interested in, has been very important to me. By finding pleasure in what they do, our team is always stimulated to do more and to be better. Each member adds value to our team and their contributions are always appreciated. While trying to promote diversity, we are original without losing the classical line of professionalism. Moreover, we strongly believe that professionalism stems from the person and influences the entire range of their actions. The outcomes are obvious. Our customers prefer us for these very reasons; but mostly because we are here for them, with all our openness, flexibility and creativity.


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