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Our clients

Social responsibility

In august 2011 we joined social project of Local Action Group "The role of social dialogue in promoting active social inclusion" implemented by the Resource Center for Ethical and solidarity Initiative (CRIES) in 8 counties of Romania.

The main objective of this project is to develop a participatory planning process in the field of social cohesion, being basically a participatory approach involving citizens in the process of defining the indicators of well-being at local level,which will be the basis of the local evaluation (social research,policy analysis and local actions) and to achieve a Local Action Plan and a Territorial Responsability Project.

Basically,the project develops a collaborative tool for building joint solutions at the local level,and their transfer to the local actors.

As a member of the Local Action Group,we moderated two meetings for the well-being criteria:with a group of students and human resources  specialists,and following to participate,along with other members of the Local Action Group,at the evaluation of public policies and local projects,as well as in the development of local plans of action.

More details about the project can be found by clicking :

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