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Our clients

      H&H Consulting organises accredited Trainer Course CNFPA

Starting from the concept of "learning organisation",which is becoming more and more widespread in the last few years in the professional environment,organizations are beginning to invest more in the long term development of its employees.Beyond vocational and technical training necessary for the organization's activity,a greater emphasis is put on the formation of general skills and competencies to help the employee to perform at work.

In this context,the role of the trainer (adults trainer) is becoming a very important one.Competencies that a trainer must have can range from simple to complex,from preparing and delivering an all ready-made training sessions,to identifying training needs,designing and organizing training programs.Beyond controling the tehniques that are specific to all these activities,the trainer has to prove some interpersonal and communication skills,without wich the intervention loses its value or fails to achive the objective.

Target audience:
      - trainers and internal trainers
      - HR department employees involved in the activities of the training and development of employees
      - teachers

The course approches the following topics:
      - identification of training needs of the organization;
      - planning and preparing training sessions;
      - communication and presentation skills that the trainer needs;
      - adult learning principles and methods of specific training;
      - managing difficult participants;
      - training evaluation.

At the end of the course participants will be able to:
      - identify the training needs of the organization;
      - build training programs adapted on the client's needs;
      - establish training activities necessary to ensure that the training fulfills the settled objectives;
      - deliver training programs;
      - evaluate and improve the quality of delivered trainings.

: 6 days

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