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Our clients


Our experience has made us understand the importance of a continuous improvement and development in our services,which led us to the usage of certain instruments,that ensure a better response to our clients'needs.

These instruments are Thomas International and Cognitron Assesment System.

The THOMAS INTERNATIONAL system is used in companies over 45 countries and is available in 24 languages.It is made up of two components:Personal profile analysis-a personality inventory that identifies the personality and behavioural requirements of a job,by taking into account the company's culture and structure.By comparing these two analyses we can objectively evaluate the compatibility between what the company is looking for and what the recommended candidate can offer.

COGNITROM ASSESMENT(CAS) is a complex battery of psychological tests existing in the Romanian market (32 tests),including tests for evaluating cognitive abilities,personality inventories,professional interests inventory and emotion scale.Throughout our activity,we have conducted recruitment and selection projects for positions of Top Management,Middle Management and specialists in the fields such as Production,Logistics,Financial,IT,Sales,Human Resources.

Among our clients we remember:
Aleximi&Thimm, BCS Smart Source, Brother International, Caucho Metal Productos, Claudius Peters Romania, Durkopp Adler, Eneria, Esarom Romania, Faurecia Seating Talmaciu, Grande Arredo, Hartmann Exact, Holzindustrie Schweighofer, Hultafors, Icos, Industrial Software, Info Data Company, Kromberg & Schubert, Kronospan Sebes, Leoni Wiring Systems Arad, Mobila Sovata, Mox Telecom, Parisot Tarnaveni, Rud Ketten, Siemens E.I.T., Simpe Somarest, ThyssenKruppBilstein Compa, Nokia, Aeronamic, VCST, Frietzmeier, Deslee Clama.

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