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GO! Get the opportunity

The only time you do not communicate with others is when you're alone.And then you're busy communicating with yourself.

Personal strength lies in being yourself,in supporting your points of view and using your skills to practice the ideas you have.

Through the GO Program!you will know which skills to develop  in order to ensure your individuality and you'll discover in the same time how to integrate into a society on which you believe and you can develop.

The GO Program! aims to help you to develop the interpersonal skills you need to adapt to the current social and economic environment.

If you are a student in X th,XI th or XII th-grade, we are waiting for you to cover the following topics:

Module I-Self-knowledge and self-development

The way you are seen by others does not always coincide with the way that you see yourself.Enigma is built around the life experience you gained up to a point,together with everything you believe,think and feel.

The role of this module is to help you:
          - Get to understand and know yourself better;
          - Identify your strengths and weaknesses, styles of behaviour that characterize you;
          - Define your personal development goals and the action plan to achieve them;
          - Develop your proactive attitude and assuming responsability.

Module II-Persuasive communication

Most of the times when you communicate a message, you're trying to convince others through it.The same happens with others when it comes to you.Words, gestures and body language can betray you or support you on what you're trying to communicate.

The role of this module is for you to:
           - Practice effective ways to communicate a message;
           - Learn how to criticize without generate conflicts;
           - Practice argumentation of opinions and debate of ideas;
           - Hold presentations in front of an audience;
           - Identify and overcome barriers that occur in interpersonal communication.

Module III-Time management

An organized person is not always an effective person if he has no sense of priority.In the accelerated rhythm that we live is imperative to know our skills and know how to put them into value,to became quick and efficient,without falling into the trap of superficiality.

Through this module you will learn:
           - To set your priorities and organize your work according to them.

Module IV-Decision making and problem solving

Each act we make is a choice,and thus a decision.There are no universal recipes,but we have to learn what are the best decisions for ourselves and how they affect those around you.The problems we are facing are based on various choices and decisions and most importantly-we are able to solve problems that depend on us.

In this module you will be challenged to:
          - Identify and practice the steps necessary for a rational process of decision-making process;
          - Overcome the barriers that arise in the decision-making process;
          - Use your creativity in the problem solving and decision making process;
          - Consider problems as learning experiences.

Module V-Teamwork

As individuals, we care very much about our own success but don't take into account  that success as part of a team may be considerably greater.It is important to know that working as  a team we are not losing individuality,but is an asset that ensures success.

That is why,for you,it is important to:
         - Identify the evolution stages of a team;
         - Understand the role you have inside of a team;
         - Identify and practice behaviors that favor teamwork.

Module VI-Conflicts solving

A conflict has exactly the length in time that we allow.If we limit the conflict to its effect and forget to think of the causes, the conflict will increase.

In order to solve conflicts and avoid future complaints,you will learn to:
        - Diagnose the causes of a conflict;
        - Address and solve conflicts in a win-win situation;
        - Be aware of and improve your styles in conflict situations.

Interactive  and concrete,GO Program! will involve you in exercises,simulations,role plays,projects,so you can effectively apply knowledge and skills discussed.

The program lasts 28 weeks,with one session of 2 hours each week.       

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