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The course is authorized CNFPA(see Authorization) and ends an CNFPA exam authorized  by the Ministry of Education,Research,Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Labour,Family and Social Protection in Romania(see Model Graduation Certificate).
Graduation Certificates are recognized at national level and in the Member States of the European Union.
For the international recognition is required the apostille (the signatories countries of the Hague Convention) or legalization for the non-signatory countries of the Hague Convention.

The course is adressed to:
Those involved directly in professional qualifications of the staff,but also in the management and training programs:
  • Trainers/unaccredited trainers;
  • Internal trainers;    
  • Trainers production;
  • Instructors of all kinds;
  • Intership guides inside companies;
  • Managers and professionals from human resources departments;
  • Product managers;
  • Teachers of all academic levels;
  • Representatives of NGO's;
  • Representatives of local authorities;
  • Any other persons involved in the design ,implementation (support),evaluation and review of theoretical activities/practical and/or training programs and development  of professional skills,conducted in specialized institutions  at the working place.

The course adresses to:
  • individuals who have the following specific objectives:   
           Want to perform in their current activity or seek an alternative in career and are interesedto teach on the open market of training;to share with others in an organized and knowledgeable way the gained experienced.
  • companies/institutions which realize that besides the vocational training of the employees,it is necessary a good development of the firm activity,a greater emphasis is placed on the training of some abilities and general skills to help the emplyee to perform in the working place and thus invest in long-term development of its emplyees.Employee will become authorized trainer and will bring a plus of efficiency for the company
Reasons to choose The Authorized Course CNFPA:
  •  Is in accordance with EU requirements on the framework for Quality Assurance in Education and Training
  • According ordinance No.129 of 31 august 2000 on the vocational training of adults referred to in art. 23 ,paragraph 2,that "To be authorized,training providers must demonstrate that the training programs are conducted by trainers who have profiles or relevant specialty training programs.
  • According to Ord. 353/2003 MMSF  and Ord.5202/2003 MECT,Article 10,paragraph 3:From 1 January 2010,any adult training provider-organization,institution or individual-must provide proof that is authorized as a trainer in conditions of the law by the National Council for Adult Vocational Training ( CNFPA)
  • Is in accordance with the new occupational standards from 2007;                   
The H&H Consulting training course gives opportunity
for each person:
  • To develop necessary skills and abilities to become a hgh achiever trainer;
  • To have a clear picture of the roles and responsabilities of a trainer;
  • To keep up to date with latest trends used in the EU in the area of training adults;
  • To become AUTHORIZED TRAINER CNFPA in accordance with occupation of the Trainer of COR: 2412
WHAT PREPARES YOU FOR (aquired skills)
Professional qualifications of the staff:
1.How to prepare a training
2.Implementation of training activities
3.Evaluation of training
4.The application of special methods and tehniques of training
The management of the training programs:
5.Marketing training;
6.Designing training programs;
7.Organizing training programs and internships;
8.Evaluation,review and quality assurance of programs and training sessions.

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

Identify training requirements,based on the needs of training;
Build trainings adapted to the identified needs;
Establish training activities necessary to fulfill the objectives;
Deliver training programs;
Use a wide variety of training methods,motivation and involvement of participants;
Improve their communication skills presentation for an interactive training session
Manage difficult situations generated by participants;
Evaluate and improve the quality of trainings delivered.

The course uses European techniques of teaching and instruction,dynamic,interactive between team members (X% representing practical part), using mom-formal approach and knowledge of the behavioral sciences.
The methods and tehniques we use:lectures,group discussions,examples (video),case studies,simulation exercises,role playing and other.
Very important:H&H CONSULTING uses accredited tools by Human Synergistics.

Participants evaluation is done both during the course as well as at the end of it during the graduation exam.

Graduation exam is organised by H&H CONSULTING,under the coordination of Sibiu County Authorizing Commission.Graduation exam takes place in front of an examination board consisting of three persons,including,as required by law,2/3 are specialists outside training providers and third is the training provider,H&H Consulting.At the final examination may attend,as observers the employing companies.
Participants who have passed the final examination will be issued a certificate of Graduation fron the Ministry of Education,Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Labour,Family and Social Protection in Romania (see Model Certificate of Graduation).Certificates of professional qualification or nationally recognized graduation are issued together with an appendix entitled " Supplement descriptive of the certificate" which specify vocational skills aquired.


Thanks to the vision and professionalism that we-ve assumed in everything we do,professionalism confirmed of those who have already benefited from our services (see Testimonials).H&H Consulting has developed this training program using the most innovative training methods,facilitating a positive learning environment through:
  • Working Tools Certificate (Human Synergistics);
  • Increased interactivity;
  • Trainers well prepared with practical experience;
  • Involvement and commitment trainers
Maximum number of participants:12

Registration is completed under following conditions
  • The application form is filled and sent by fax to the number: 0269 252 313 or by email at: office@hhconsulting
  • Copy C.I.- by fax: 0269 252 313 or email at office@hhconsulting.ro
  • Copy of diploma of your last form of education
  • Copy of marriage certificate for people who have changed their last name (where applicable)
  • Registration fee of 100 euros (counter value in RON, in the BNR course of the respective day)in the account opened at the Bank.......or at the office H&H Consulting(Rennes,nr.21,Sibiu).
  • Registration fee is deducted from the total tax rate related.
  • Proof of registration tax payment is scanned and sent by fax
  • On the first day of the course,is paid a part or the rest of the amount corresponding to the value of the investment,according to the agreed payment facilities with H&H Consulting at the time of registration.
Note:To conduct an interactive course,the number of participants is limited,and registration can e completed before the deadline for registration.entries shall be made in order of the registration of application forms.

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