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Our clients

Facilitate strategy sessions 

As mediators we get involved in structured meetings,where we guide the participants through a sequence of predefinite stages,in order to achieve results that are created, understood and accepted by all participants.
Starting from the assumption that groups can find better solutions than would find their members working individually and as people's commitment towards a decision is in direct proportion to their involvement in making that decision,we intend to:
  • help participants establish their general purpose and specific objectives;
  • ensure the involvement of all group members;
  • provide a process that helps participants to use effectively their time and to take high quality
  • guide discussion group in order to keep focused on the goal;
  • we ensure that every member of the group can express and argue his own point of view;
  • manage conflicts by adressing ways of cooperation;
  • encourage consensus,to ensure that decisions are taken into account of all participants;
  • create a positive atmosphere in order for the group to be effective.
Any group has the needed resources to manage its problems,conflicts and relationships.
Engaging us as mediators,we put at the disposal of groups the tools they need to access and use the maximum potential of these resources.

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