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EDUKAS - Educational fair

Initiated in 2010(19-20 March), the fair hosted over 20 participants and received over 3,000 visitors.The educational fair promotes continuous education and in the same time multidisciplinary education for a harmonious development.Starting with the second edition in 2011,the fair is called EDUKAS. 

EDUKAS is adressed to children and adults ,providing them information about the possibilities of formal,non-formal and informal learning specific for each age.

Thus,EDUKAS gathered in the two editions already organised:

  • Preschool educational institutions: nurseries, kindergartens, playgrounds;
  • Primary education institutions; schools, after schools;
  • Institutions of higher secondary education: hig schools;
  • Post-secondary educational institutions;
  • Vocational and tehnical education institutions;
  • University education institutions;
  • Extra-school institutions which provide programs/optional courses: clubs, museums, education centres, associations and so on;
  • Training centres/institutions organizing open courses;
  • Centres/institutions of culture and art;
  • Sports Clubs;
  • Medical clinics;
  • Publishing Houses

who have presented to the visitors - children and adults (all age segments/groups,all social segments) -
training and education offers,practically simulating a part of programs.Theme EDUKAS covered education and harmonious development of mind-body-soul,so reaching professional training,as well as the personal one.

Both edtions  held so far have been organized with the support of Astra Sibiu County Library and Sibiu County School Inspectorate.

In 2011,the event was supported by KISS FM as the main media partner,being also promoted by the magazine "Zile si Nopti","Tribuna","De toate pentru toti","Profil cultural",whom we thank for their support.

For more information about the fair ,please visit the page of the event

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