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Our clients


Through our training and development services we plan to offer customized solutions specific for the activity and the needs of our clients  business.Our training programs are not standardized,but built for each customer,after a detailed diagnosis.We offer learning experiences to the participants in our training that allow them to identify the current level of their skills compared with a desirable one.Also we help them understand how they can act to develop their skills and how to increase their work performance.

Each organisation has amazing resources to become more effective through its people and each person has amazing resources to increase the organization performance.The way organizations use these resources depends,on one hand,on how aware their employees are about their contributions to the organizational goals,and,on the other hand,on how organizations encourage good behaviour through their organizational culture.

Through our training programmes we want to:
  •  improve the participants knowledge concerning the discussed subjects;
  •  aware the participants of their own attitudes and behaviours  and of the consequences these behaviours have on their activity;
  • develop rational and interpersonal prcesses that facilitate team-work;
  • make the participants understand the resources inside the organization and how they can use them in order to create a constructive organizational culture;
Our training programmes are interactive and practical,as the H&H Consulting trainers play mostly the part of facilitators,who guide the participants through their own knowledge and experiences,towards conclusions and improvement measures.Thus,the principles,rules and tehniques specific to each subject are the results of the participants contribution,after they have been involved in exercises,simulations,games,group discussions and study cases.

The steps we follow in our training programmes:
  • assess the current level of performances and abilities of the participants;
  • identify the training needs;
  • suggest personalized solutions,that meet the training requirements at individual and group level;
  • provide follow-up programs on the participanta evolution.

According to the specific training needs of your company,together we can find the most appropriate content and structure of the training programmes.

Our training programmes are developed for groups of 8-12 participants.

Besides our courses,we can also offer  individualised training programmes for the development of management and leadership skills.

Advantages to work with H&H Consulting:
  • you will find a long-term partner,with whom wou will always have a sincere,direct and reasoned communication;
  • together we will find the best solutions  for the training and development problems of your organization;
  • we do what we promise and not promise what we can not do;
  • we offer creative,innovative and flexible training programs
  • we like what we do and through continuous learning,we support others to develop.

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