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Our clients

Organisations  are responsible for creating an environment in wich people can act according to their own vision and their own competences in order for their work to gain long life learning trainings,significance/meaning.

The mission of H&H Consulting is to develop people and organizations

  • Integrity-We do what we promise and don't promise what we can not do.Answer our customers expectations in an innovative manner always result oriented.
  • Empathy-we strive to understand our customers organisation,as well as his needs and objectives.We care about what he wants and we involve beside him with the same devotion as inside of our team.
  • Self-development-We love what we do and this is reflected in our results.We believe in people and in their potential,and by learning continuously we support others to develop.

  • Efficiency-Approach each project,adapted to the customer needs.We offer practical solutions,result oriented,always built after a careful analysis of activity.
  • Transparency-Transparency is reflected in the way we act in relation with all our partners(team,clients,candidates,suppliers,public institutions)through honest communication and solid argumentation of all decisions.

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