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Our clients

HR Outsourcing Services

- Are you interested in optimising the HR activity?
- Do you want to be up-dated with all the news rellated to the employment legislation?
- Does your company have a small team and the human resources department is not a profitable solution?
- Is your company new on the romanian market and you need a professional information related to the romanian legislation and the labor market?
- Are you interested to ease your administrative work and concentrate on more important activities such as stategies or development?
In case the answer to these questions is YES, we offer you our support through the HR Outsourcing Service.

We manage for you the following activities :

- Elaborate the individual and colective labor contracts
- Elaborate the addendums, closeouts and labor decisions
- Elaborate the specific clauses: training clouse, biding clouse, confidential clouse etc
- Organise and trace the periodical health controls and the employment health exams with the help of an occupational health service
- Register the individual labor contracts to the authorised institutions
- Register the addendums, or the working decisions to the authorised institutions
- Inform the authoried institutions about all the changes regading the marital status or the education of the employees
- Elaborate and communicate the REVISAL to the authoried institutions
- Inventor the employees which are in the maternal or paternal leave and prepare the needed documentation
- Elaborate the needed documents for the valorization of the working places in case of hiring fresh graduates or persons over 45 years old
- Elaborate the retirement documents for the employees and register the files to the Retirement Services Institution
- Elaborate the needed documentation and inform the authorised institutions regarding the vacant positions inside the company
- Support in finding the suitable suppliers for the private health insurances, retirement insurances, life insurances, meal vouchers etc
- Elaborate the Inside Regulation
- Elaborate the job description
- Elaborate the flow chart
- Elaboarte the promotion procedures, the dismissal procedures
- Elaborate the evaluation plans, the training and development plan etc

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