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Our clients

We believe that respecting principles is critical for us and for our partners.
Ethical behavior,adopted since the founding of the company is not only about respecting legislation,it refers to principles such as honesty,fairness,integrity and social responsability.

Ethical principles
by which we guide are:
  • the information received from corporate partners(customers and candidates)are treated as confidential.They will not be used without the consent and at the expense of the parteners;
  • services offered by our company are customized according to each partner and are followed in detail analysis of their needs;
  • our company guarantees fair treatment of all partners,regardless of nationality,race,social status,age,sex and sexual orientation;
  • the information we provide to our customers should always be accurate and in accordance with reality;
  • the company respects all legal requirements;
  • we act in the interests of our partners by carrying out projects of high professional standards.

These ethical principles guarantee us and our partners success in business.Are principles that ensure the professionalism with which we approch each partner and its needs.

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